The Nelson Community Wellness Alliance is pleased to announce the winner of our 2nd annual I Love Nelson Photo Contest:  Katie Moran.  Congratulations!

Along with this year’s Grand Prize winner, there are also 11 runner-ups. All 12 will be featured in our 2022 I Love Nelson calendar. Each picture represents the people, places, and events that make our community so special and unique. With your donation of just $20, we’ll send you one calendar as our thanks for your generous gift! Along with enjoying photos of Nelson’s beautiful scenery all year, you’ll be supporting the local education and outreach efforts of the Alliance.

Supplies are limited, so reserve your calendar today!  Orders will ship in November/December 2021 – so be sure to include a copy of the 2022 I Love Nelson calendar as part of your holiday gifts to friends and family!

2021 Contest Winners

Honorable Mentions

Jade AshleyGena Leitch
Michelle AshwellNaomi Martin
Emily BellEthan Mason
Leslie BellAngela McKinney
Joyce CarmanSusan McSwain
Alex CherlinErnest Moore
Alex CherlinDavid Patterson
Brian DecotJudy Petsch
Elizabeth DeelDonald Query
Annie EgglestonSue Rucker
Justin GeigerMalia Sarmac
Stacy HoganRobert Sebold
Mary Ten HoopenJane Twitmyer
Anna JohnsonMurray Whitehead
Bailey KennedySean Yeager
Riley King