The Nelson Community Wellness Alliance has been awarded a three million dollar grant from the Health Services and Resource Administration to implement a community health worker training program in Nelson County. 

Over the three-year funding program, the Alliance will implement a comprehensive program to help people in and around Nelson County prepare for a career as Community Health Workers. Community Health Workers play a vital role in connecting people to services and resources to improve health outcomes. They provide advocacy, education, and supports to help patience improve their lifestyle and connect them with healthcare options.

“We are thrilled about the resources this will bring into the county.  This program will provide ongoing support to help every participant achieve their goals,” said Alliance Founder, Stephanie Martin.

The Nelson Community Wellness Alliance’s Community Health Worker Training Program focuses on three key areas for participants: providing training, enabling services, and apprenticeships. The program will provide the training necessary for certification as a Community Health Worker, as well as training in chronic disease management and understanding behavioral health needs. Participants will have access to a variety of “enabling services,” which help reduce barriers and increase access to social services such as childcare, transportation assistance, or tuition assistance to support their successful completion of the program. In addition, the Alliance is working with local agencies to secure apprenticeship sites. These partnerships will allow program participants to gain valuable experience in the field and meet the requirements for state certification.

The Alliance will begin accepting applications for the program in December.